Fit Guide

1 Torso

Start the tape at your shoulder, measure down across the fullest part of your bust, between your legs and back up to your shoulders.

2 Bust

Stand naturally. Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust.

3 Waist

Bend to one side to find the natural crease in your waist. Stand up straight and measure around from that point.

4 Hips

Put your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips

BUST 35" 36" 37" 38.5" 40" 41.5"
WAIST 27" 28" 30" 31.5" 33" 34.5"
HIP 37" 38" 39" 40" 41.5" 43"
TORSO 60" 61" 61.5" 62" 62.5" 63"


Comfortable Swimwear

All our items are made out of soft, durable material because we know that you can’t look good if you don’t feel good. Our swimwear is a joy to put on. How can you tell? By forgetting that you’re wearing it in the first place. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll feel natural and free. Our secret? A selection expansive enough to fit any mood and occasion.

Swimwear With Support

Our swimwear is designed to fit women of all shapes. And we know some women desire more support and lift. So, we have plenty of options with underwire, removable cups, adjustable straps, and halter tops. We made it so it’s easy to figure out the fit. Our priority is that you look as good as you feel.

Swimwear With Versatility

We have a wide-ranging selection to accommodate all your summer plans. Taking your kiddies to a backyard birthday bash? How about a Lace Up Tunic Cover Up? With this classic, elegant item you can spend the day running errands and still show up looking as chic as a model who just walked off the runway. Enjoying an outdoor concert with the girls on a Friday night? How about a pair of board shorts that make sitting on the lawn as comfortable as sitting in a dinner booth afterwards? With our help, you’ll look good and feel comfortable on every occasion.

Swimsuit Size Chart

We know it's hard to find the correct size and right fit when you shop for swimwear online. To make it easier, we encourage you to use Catalina's swimsuit size chart and size guide as you shop. When ordering a new swimsuit, the first thing to determine is your size and fit using a tape measure. Then, find the perfect swimsuit in the right size by using our swimsuit size chart. Our sizing chart is easy to use and based on general guidelines for measurements.

Each Catalina swimsuit is made to fit comfortably and designed to provide excellent support for those times in the pool or beachside fun. Many Catalina swimsuits such as our one piece swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis feature sewn-in cups, underwiring, or over-the-shoulder adjustable straps to provide support, so you can feel extra confident in your new swimsuit. Check out our latest additions to find the perfect swimsuit for the summer!

How do you know your swimsuit size?

The first step is to take a body measurement and understand your silhouette. Using a measuring tape, measure your bust, chest, and shoulders, then your waist and torso. These measurements will help you know what size swim bottoms and swim tops are appropriate for your fit.

Using our Swimsuit Size Chart: How do you know if a swimsuit is too big

You'll know that your swimsuit is too big when certain sections of the swimsuit are too loose. For example, check how your swimsuit fits by tucking a few fingers under your swim top's straps. If you can fit most of your fingers under the strap, your swim top or swimsuit may be too big, and you will need a smaller size swimsuit. Use a measuring tape to find your chest and bust measurement and the size guide to find the best size swim top.

If your bikini bottom's band feels loose around your hip, or you feel that you need to pull up your bottoms multiple times, then the chances are that your swim bottoms are too large. To find the best fit, you will need to take your natural waistline or hip measurement and use the sizing guide.

Knowing your swimsuit size will make finding the perfect fit easier and will prevent you from buying a swimsuit that is a larger size than you need.

What size bathing suit should I get?

In general, the size you usually wear in everyday clothing is the same size you should choose for Catalina. However, to get the best fit, you should use the size guide to understand what size your measurements will fit. If you are in between sizes and are unsure of which size to choose, it's usually safe to go with the size up.

How is a woman's torso measured?

To measure your torso, take a measuring tape and start the tape at your shoulder. Then, measure downwards vertically, take the measuring tape towards your bust, and then go down between your legs and back up to your shoulders.

Should you size up in swimwear?

There is no need to size up in swimwear if you know your measurements when shopping for a Catalina swimsuit. Instead of taking the risk to buy a larger swimsuit, find the best fit by using a soft measuring tape to take your body measurements and use the size guide. Sizing can be a confusing subject, especially when it comes to swimsuits. The best way to find out how an item fits is by taking your measurements.

However, if you are still uncertain about your size or are in between sizes, we recommend choosing a size up.