High Waisted

High Waisted

Find Cute High Waisted Swimsuits for the Summer

Summer is in the air and it’s time for beach vacations and pool parties. And what’s a summer without a cute swimsuit? If you’re looking for one, shop Catalina for a cute high waisted swimsuit for the summer. Our high waist swimsuits are designed to flatter your figure and fit comfortably in all the right places.

High waisted swimsuits have been increasing in popularity and for good reason! Our high waist swimsuits have a style all on their own. High waisted swimsuits and bottoms offer extra coverage and comfort without compromising in style. When you wear a high waisted swimsuit, it can accentuate your curves while flattering your figure. Find high waisted swimsuits in various colors, vibrant patterns and designs such as floral, stripes, and solid colors.

Who Looks Good in High Waisted Swimsuits?

The best part about a high waisted swimsuit is its versatility – everyone can look great in a high waisted swimsuit with the right look and design. Unlike some of the other styles in the swimwear market, high waisted swimsuits provide coverage while flattering the hips on every body type.

This style is based on women’s swimwear of the 1930s and 1940s and is now coming back full circle to give women a style that is trendy and eye-catching. High-waisted bottoms look great with high-neck bikinis and tankini tops to create hugging silhouettes that give you that extra boost of confidence.

Regardless of your body shape or size, you can look great in a swimsuit that is designed to flatter your curves and hips. The main thing to remember when choosing a high waisted swimsuit is to find one that fits you perfectly. Take a look at our fit guide to learn how you can find the best swimsuit for your figure.

Where Can I Find High Waist Boy Shorts Swimwear?

Catalina carries high waisted boy shorts in various styles, colors, and patterns, including solid vibrant colors, floral and tropical print, and bright stripes. Our high waist boy shorts swimwear are a practical style and trend for the summer and can be paired with any type of swim op, while offering ease of movement and comfort for your beach day activities.

High waist boy shorts swimwear are designed to enhance your waistline and hips, while looking trendy and sleek and offering more coverage than a typical bikini bottom. Shop Catalina Swimwear and find high quality, trendy, and sophisticated swimsuits for women, including high waist boy shorts swimwear. View our lookbook to get inspired looks for the summer.

What kind of high waisted swim shorts and high waist swim bottoms
do you carry?

We carry a large variety of high waisted swim shorts and high waisted swim bottoms in many different styles and prints, including bright solid colors, vibrant stripes, floral, tropical print, polka dots, and more. Our high waisted swim shorts and bottoms can be paired with a Catalina bikini top, tankini, or rashguard for a stylish summer look that will help you look your best this summer.

Whether you’re looking for high waisted swim shorts to go with your new underwire tankini or your beach bikini, you’ll find swim bottoms you love to mix and match with your favorite swim top. Shop Catalina‘s swim bottoms to see this season’s newest collection of high waisted swim bottoms.

Shop Our High Waisted Bikini Skirts & High Waist Swim Skirts

Our high waisted bikini skirts are designed to give you a flattering silhouette while showing off your legs. The waistband’s high waistline is designed to elongate your torso and body while hugging your curves and waist. Many of our high waisted swim skirts feature a side slit to allow for ease of movement for any of your pool and beach day activities.

Our high waisted bikini skirts are designed with a variety of fresh and unique patterns so you can wear them in style over and over again each season or year. Shop now to get a look at our latest collection of high waisted bikini skirts and high waist swim skirts.