What are halter top bathing suits?

If you're looking to switch up your summer look, try a halter top bathing suit from Catalina Swimwear. Halter top bathing suits have been a popular style for years and have been a staple of women’s beach fashion for a long time, and they continue to be a favorite. So how do you describe a halter top bathing suit? There are certain key differences that set the halter top bathing suit apart from its cousin the bikini. Simply put, halter top suits are bathing suits created with the design feature of the halter top. It is a bathing suit with straps that tie around the neck. Halter top bathing suits can be either one piece swimsuits or two-piece swimsuits matched with swim bottoms – this stylish trend is on the rise and making waves. Find the perfect swimsuit this summer from Catalina and you'll be sure to turn heads at the beach.

Where can you shop for a halter top bikini?

When warm weather arrives, many of us are in the mood to shop for a new bikini or swimsuit. If you are looking for the perfect halter top bikini, Catalina Swimwear has a number of stylish halter swimsuits to choose from. You’ll see a lot of options in different cuts and patterns, such as floral, bright stripes, vibrant colors, and more. Find your favorite swimsuit in the perfect size using our swimsuit size guide. With summer just around the corner, you’ll sizzle up the beach season with a fabulous new look.

Shop the best halter bikini tops and halter swim tops

Catalina Swimwear is your one-stop shop this summer for all things swimsuit-related. Shop our halter bikini tops and halter swim tops, which will offer you great coverage and support while helping you feel confident this summer. Our halter bikini tops and halter swim tops will help feel secure as you enjoy all your beach and swim activities. Whether you are looking for a swimsuit with flair or more coverage, Catalina halter bikini tops and halter swim tops come in a variety of designs, including tropical and floral prints, vibrant colors, and stand-out patterns that will give you a look that is trendy, fun, and fashionable. You can look gorgeous while having fun in the beach or pool while maintaining your comfort, all at once. Shop now and find your favorite look from Catalina Swimwear’s latest lookbook.

How do you tie a halter bikini top?

A halter bikini top is a great style to wear at your next pool party. When you are learning how to tie a halter bikini top properly, the best way to do it is to ensure that you tie the adjustable neck straps so that the knot sits at the back of your neck. The knot should fit snugly around your neck while providing enough support for your top. Tie your halter bikini top in a manner that will flatter your figure and make you feel comfortable in your bikini. Bikini tops of all kinds can be tricky to tie, but if you get it right it looks fantastic and will stay in place during your time at the beach or pool.

Can you put underwire in a halter top tankini?

If you want to strut your stuff at the beach or pool party, you’ll need a swimsuit that will make you stand out and show off your confidence, while providing enough support to ensure everything fits correctly. Most women like tankinis, but some tankini swimsuit tops may not provide as much support as you would like. With underwire, any bikini or swim top, including a halter top tankini, can provide you with ample support and a better fit. Catalina Swimwear Collection has underwire halter top tankinis and underwire tankini that will help you look stylish while giving you a comfortable and perfect fit for all your days under the sun.