Cover Ups

Cover Ups

Practical Cover Ups

If you're a busy bee buzzing around all day under the sun, you need a coverup to protect you from damaging UV rays. Who knows what the day has in store? You may be looking over the kids in the early morning while they splash around on the Slip N Slide or running some errands. A cover up is something you can wear all day to look fresh all day.

Classic Cover Ups

Board shorts are as quintessentially summer as ice cream trucks and sprinklers. They’re perfect for jaunts around town, walking along the boardwalk, or for keeping in your work bag for some early evening fun. Remember, work-life balance is important, but why not tip the scales in favor of fun?

Elegant Cover Ups

Lace Up Tunic Cover Ups are inherently elegant. Rooted in ancient Mediterranean cultures, tunics are one of the oldest garments in recorded history. You can wear yours in the aisles of your local supermarket, strutting down the boardwalk, or while relaxing at the shore front with your friends. Being able to effortlessly slip between different places is priceless. And that effortless sophistication will suit you equally well leaning back on a pool chair. Living the good life is easy when you’re looking good.